About Us

Promoted by Mr. Sandeep Kamboj, the company was first established by Mr. Krishan Chander in 1971.

Indian Audio Centre, established on 1 st Jan.1971 by Mr. Krishan Chander, Founder of the company.

Till 1984 we were hearing distributer for Arphi, Elkon and Philips brands of hearing aids covering whole of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, J&K, and western UP. Having a solid 100 dealer, doctor network. But later concentrating on retail and dispensing it more professionally with multi brands of Digital and wireless Hearing
Manufacturing of Teflon Implants for ear micro surgery was the main core business always. And have been supplying these implants to all Leading Doctors and Hospital throughout India and surrounding countries and also exporting to USA, France and Middle East countries.

Indian Audio Centre is also known by the name of IAC in the ENT fraternity.

Under the Guidance of Mr. krishan chander , who has years of experience in the field of ENT, we have grown to a position of repute.

Indian Audio Center has been Manufacturing of Teflon Implants for Ear Surgery and Leading Hearing Aids Dispenser , used widely by all the leading Hospitals and Institutions, Nursing Homes.

All our Implants are hand crafted by skilled professionals and tested to meet the specifications and satisfaction of the surgeon, Hospitals.

We are engaged inn offering wide range of product      .

Our Mission

Millions of people’s have some or the other type of hearing loss that affects the communication, relationships, health and even the careers of those who have it. 

If you have hearing loss, you might wonder if there are surgeries or solutions that can restore your lost hearing.
The short answer?

 It depends. There are ear surgeries to restore hearing if you have certain types of hearing loss. But only a small percentage of people with hearing loss are actually good candidates for surgery.
Currently, surgeries for hearing loss can only correct very specific losses while people with the most common types still benefit the most from simply wearing hearing aids. If you have hearing loss, see a hearing healthcare professional near you for regular hearing evaluations.

We have dedicated ourselves to provide the best of the best solution to the society at large.


How We've evolved

In our endeavor to provide the best of our knowledge, using all just and honest principle and going out of way to serve humanity and patients of all walks of life. Since our inception our aim is to provide and serve hearing impaired, helping the live a near normal and socially productive life.

Our "aha!" moment

Our “Aha” moment was when we met Dr. John J. Shea the father of Ear Micro surgery. It was a wish come true moment for us. His appreciation letter is more than an award we could think of.

We've served

We have served over a Million people directly or indirectly. And created an impact by providing solutions and services for betterment of their lives.
The appreciation of our users has been a driving force for us to come this far. 

A journey of 50 years plus was not easy for us. 

We wish to serve more through our best endeavors and products.

We offer

We are dealing in retailing, dispensing of the multi Brands of hearing aids with the state of art fitting equipment for best results to suit all budgets and needs.
We also Manufacture Teflon Implants for ear micro surgery.

We serve

Our services and products have helped over a million people’s life directly or indirectly. In pursuit we have been forging ahead to achieve our greater goal in whatever way we can do t serve the society at large.

Our values

Whether you work for a small business or a major corporation, following ethical principles matters.
We have to meet economic expectations, we also have ethical responsibilities. 

Everyone, from the bottom to the top of the organizational chart, must take care to meet these responsibilities.

Principles we follow
In Business and Conduct

We believe in the rational justification for our moral


Promise-Keeping & Trustworthiness
No matter what, We try to keep our promises to win Trust of our clients.


Faithfulness to our commitments and obligations


We try to be impartial and just in our treatment or
behavior without favoritism or discrimination to all.
Concern for Others

We consider the needs and difficulties of others and take
an active interest in their feelings, capabilities and
perspectives in order to assist them with the difficulties
they face and act with integrity, warmth and concern.

Respect for Others

We recognize that each person has the right and
capacity to make her or his own decisions. Respecting a person ensures that dignity is valued.

Law Abiding

We Obey the law of Union of India and ensure
compliance as and when required.

Commitment to Excellence
A commitment to excellence is a first step to our
continuous improvement and the driving force
behind our organizations. Our entire organization
embrace the continuous improvement approach to excel.


We ensure and instill the best human qualities in
our staff, so as our decisions are Just and not
influenced, for the better results
Reputation & Morale

We seek to protect and build the company’s good
reputation and the morale of its employees by
engaging in no conduct that might undermine
respect and by taking whatever actions are
necessary to correct or prevent inappropriate conduct of others.

We give assurance that actions of our
organization will be evaluated on our performance
or behavior related to something for which we are
responsible. And mend our ways if found
inappropriate and compensate where possible.

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