Hearing Aids

Buy Hearing Aids Online at Low Cost in India. Our products range from in-the-canal hearing instruments to behind-the–ear hearing instruments. It includes BTE hearing aids, Siemens Hearing Aids and many more. Find the list of best hearing aids in India below: Hearing Aids & Accessories


New: Frequency CompositionTM Bernafon’s Frequency CompositionTM is a new frequency-lowering solution. By evaluating the pros and cons of traditional methods found in the market today. Bernafon has invented a superior system using a different approach.


Digital cameras have been embraced across the world. They allow us to bring valuable moments into focus, capture them, and share them with
others. Digital technology is not only fast and easy to handle but also convenient. Most importantly. it is precise.
Acriva is derived from the Greek word Akrivis” which means “Precision“. Acriva hearing systems are extremely precise and accurate in the detection
and analysis of sound and in their signal processing performance. Equipped with the new Bernafon Audio Efficiency** 2.0 technology. Acriva focuses
on features to improve speech understanding in all types of environments. It is also designed to meet the individual hearing needs of your clients and
provide a high degree of listening comfort.


Don’t miss out on any of the details. Carista hearing instruments are your small assistants, helping you to hear the important sounds all around you.
Carista is equipped with Bernafon’s most advanced Audio Efficiency™ technology. Enhanced speech understanding and a high level of listening
comfort is provided with Carista.


As a Super Power user, you need more than just a hearing instrument. You need a high performance hearing system capable of producing vital
power but flexible enough to meet your needs. Until now. Super Power amplification was all about compromises. Bulky devices, feedback and
intermittent sound quality were some of the trade-offs necessary to achieve the highest gain and output. With XTREME’s digital technology, these
compromises belong to the past!

XTREME is one of the smallest Super Power instruments, yet one of the most powerful. Sophisticated digital signal processing delivers high amplification levels with low battery consumption. Digital phase cancellation technology provides whistle-free listening. XTREME is simple to use and tough
enough to supply reliable performance, all day, every day. Why wait any longer? Try XTREME today and find out how digital technology can take
Super Power amplification to the limit!