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  • Categories : Repair / Services (Hearing Aids)

Hearing aids are manufactured with tiny components and intricate circuitry. When used correctly. they will improve speech understanding in surroundings and the ability to localize sounds. To take good care of them, maintaining your hearing aid through daily cleaning and regular service extremely important. Proper care helps retain optimum hearing conditions, extends the life of your hearing aid, and ensures proper hygiene.

Since hearing aids are worn on the body, it goes through the same environments and situations as an individual goes through. Hence being worn for almost awake hour’s of an individual daily routine day. They need periodical repairs.

We have a complete range of components and repairs Lab equipment to carry out most of the repairs / maintenance requirements for hearing aids backed by 25years of Lab Experience. Our Experienced technicians/ engineers take care of most of the products at our in house Repair Lab complete customer satisfaction is ensured due to complete array of standards and procedures adopted by us.

  • Categories : Hearing Aid Customization & Ear Mould Services:

Hearing aids need individual fitting, as all ears are different. Hearing aids need to have an element of customization. To customize a hearing aid to fit your ear we take a silicon impression of the ear. This is carried out by filling the ear canal and outer ear with silicon material that once in the ear will harden within a matter of minutes and then be removed and sent to be manufactured into a mould or an in-the-ear hearing aid.

When the hearing aid or mould is finished, it is polished smooth and then analyzed to make sure that it fits the patient’s hearing prescription.

For this we have Complete in house UV Lab to customize the Inside the ear hearing aids or to make custom Ear Mould or Custom Ear Protection Devices. The most modern Lab From Drive Germany is used with latest instruments help we can make precise custom Hearing aids, Custom ear Mould or Custom Protection devices.

  • Categories : Accessories

Offering Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Ear tips for hearing aids,
  • Zinc Air Batteries for Hearing Aids
  • Disposable Noise soft earplugs..
  • Hearing Aid Hukki- For Childrens needs to secure hearing aids.
  • Dry Aid Kits.
  • Battery Testers